How to Sell Flowers Online and Become a Successful Online Florist

How To Sell Flowers Online

I love nothing more than spending any spare time that I have creating beautiful flower arrangements, especially for special occasions. Unfortunately though for me, it is just a hobby. I work full time as an affiliate marketer so I don’t get as much time as I would like to be able to turn it from a passion into a profession and sell flowers online

So for now, I will take great pleasure in showing anyone else who shares my passion for floristry just how easy it would be to do just that and do so successfully.

Working with beautiful flowers and having the talented skills of floristry is fantastic so you need your local community to see your work and choose your flowers for all their special occasions.

To successfully market your skills and generate a great customer base in your own area you will need to know the basic steps of how to sell flowers online and just how easy it is to become the local online florist that stands out from the crowd.

Could it be that your fresh of college with your floristry qualification, or maybe you are an experienced florist who works from your own business premises or you might work from home may be using social media as a platform?

If so this article is for you!

Optimize Every Avenue For Attracting Customers For Success!

The point I am coming to is that for maximum exposure, it is vital that you have a successful website so that you can showcase your work and be the leading florist in your area.

As well as being a passionate florist you will also need to have the skills to optimize a successful website so you can be found by your  customers and for this, your website needs to to be ranked on the first pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing

But don’t worry this is a simple process that anyone can succeed with, as an affiliate marketer myself I know exactly how this process works and the perfect place where you can get started.

It’s a tried and tested system which I use for my own online businesses where there is no risk or commitment involved. By following step by step interactive training you are walked through every stage of setting up your website and learning up to date valuable skills as you progress through the process.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive website hosting platform where anyone can shape a sustainable online business with no costs (yes I said no cost, check out the free membership option further down) or very minimal costs should you decide to upgrade, and I mean really minimal in comparison to the success you can build.

What Will Lead To My Success at Wealthy Affiliate

As you become a member at Wealthy Affiliate by providing only your email address your profile account is set up instantly for you.

Now you can get started on the Online Certification Course that walks you through building your website straight away.

Everything you will need is here at Wealthy Affiliate, below is the core four-step process that you will cover in your training but of course in a lot more detail.


Step 1 – Choose an Interest.

This can be any interest or passion. Online Floristry is a great starting point. You have this part covered.



Step 2 – Build Your Website

Your website is your business foundation and so at wealthy affiliate, you can choose from the most feature-rich and sophisticated websites,

Your website will be hosted by the SiteRubix platform. Everything technical will be taken care of for you.


Step 3 – Attract Visitors

Within this training step, you are going to be learning all about how to get traffic and visitors to your website.

The first and most important focus is on FREE traffic.


Step 4 – Earn a Revenue

Your focus is going to be on marketing your floristry service but there are over 50 ways in which you monetize your online traffic, this is where the training gets exciting as you realize just how much more this training can open up doors to.



The Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options.

Wealthy Affiliate is the worlds online leading technology platform they provide their members with the most up to date and advanced website hosting, tools and regular training, here you will find everything you need in the one place.

First up let’s cover your membership options at Wealthy Affiliate because what I am aiming to achieve here is to give you all the information you need in its entirety,  leaving none of the important stuff out.

There are two options for you to consider, you can either take advantage of the Free Starter Membership or you can choose to upgrade to the Premium Membership.

My advice is to dive straight in as a free Starter Member where you will be able to check everything out for yourself and even stay as a free member. Two free websites are automatically yours!

how to sell flowers online

There’s no obligation to upgrade your membership unless you feel that is what you want to do.

What I think is a great bonus is that for your first 7 days you get Premium Membership for free. Then you automatically revert to Starter Membership after the 7 days is up. So make the most of it and check it out.

What To Do Once Signed Up

Signing up literally consists of providing an email address and your straight into the Platform.

Setting up your Membership Profile. Within the very first stages of the course, you will be walked through the initial set up of your profile account, here is where you can enter a profile picture and write a small bio about yourself.

Now its time to get started with the training. So read on or just dive straight into the Wealthy Affiliate platform to take a look around for yourself.

The Training and Building of your Website

Below is the structure of the ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ Course Level one. Following these interactive lessons, you will create your website at the same time as you progress through the level one.

It’s quick, it is easy and very stress-free. This course and your website setup can be completed in a very short amount of time.

how to sell flowers online

The Learning Outcomes of Phase One. You are going to learn some valuable skills here which will ultimately be used to produce a sophisticated and professional website for your Online Florist Business which will be ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Here you can enter the platform to take a closer look at this training and get a real feel for this your self.

Creating Your Website

Now let’s get into the process of building out your website and get you started.

Choosing your Website Theme With the Free Starter Membership you are given the choice of 12 Amazing Website Themes.

If you upgrade to the Premium Membership you will have access to over 2,400 Themes.

There are some really great looking websites themes to pick from on the Website Builder. Scroll through and find the perfect one to sell your flowers online.

How to sell flowers online

Choosing Your Domain Name


  • Use a Free Domain Name With the free Starter Membership you can take advantage of up to two siterubix.com domains.  Having Premium Membership gives you 25 siterubix and the use of 25 purchased domains
  • Use a Domain you already own If you already own a domain name you are able to use that.
  • Purchase your own Domain The cost to purchase a Domain Name varies depending on your choice of domain name. The Jaaxy tool at Wealthy Affiliate makes this process very simple for you.
    • Before you chose your websites domain name you will need to do some effective research to find the perfect fit.
    • The features of the Jaaxy tool makes the researching and purchasing of a domain name so simple yet effective.
    • This tool was developed by affiliate marketers for the affiliate marketer.
      The Jaaxy Lite version comes free with the Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership.


Choosing your Website Name This visual is where you decide on your website name.

That’s it! Takes 30 Seconds to Build your Site!

If you have chosen to purchase your own domain name then you will need to do some effective and up to date research to find the perfect fit.

  • The features of the Jaaxy tool makes the researching and purchasing of a domain name so simple yet effective.
  • This tool was developed by affiliate marketers for the affiliate marketer.
  • The Jaaxy Lite version comes free with the Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership.

Create your Content

Your website’s content is a critical element of your online businesses success.

Included within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform you get access to the marketer’s dream content platform, SiteContent.

Why not pop inside the platform right now and check out the>> complete walkthrough training<<

The SiteContent training will teach you how to effectively and efficiently build out your content while remaining organized and on top of your targets.how to sell flowers online

The amazing features will enable you to build out a high spec & high ranking website with ease.  Also, did I mention the simple feature of publishing your content direct to your website from your SiteContent?  This great feature makes your days work ridiculously simple to set out and follow.

Ways in which you Can Earn Additional Avenues of Income

Yes, that’s right, take your website to the next level and take advantage of the many other potential earning avenues on the market as an affiliate marketer.

Below are just some examples of ways in which you can leverage additional avenues of income.

  • Affiliate Programmes.
  • Selling additional products. I.e glass vases, flower food, gift cards etc using Affiliates.
  • AdSense Ads & Other Advertising Programmes.
  • Building a Members List.

What’s Affiliate Marketing? Read my Simple 4 step guide to Affiliate Marketing >>HERE<<

Round Up – Now Its Time To Get Started!

I hope you found this blog useful for your research into ‘How to Sell Flowers online’.

Click below to get started today with a no obligation Free Starter Membership where no credit card is required.https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/a_aid/27320545/campaign/sidehustler

Got any questions? Just go ahead and pop them into the comments section below where I will get straight back to you.

If you have decided to make the best decision to jump in and get started today then I will be personally contacting you from within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform offering you my ongoing assistance,  supporting you throughout your project of becoming an Online Florist.




  1. Thanks for writing this article on how to sell flowers online and become a successful online florist. I must say am really impressed to read every part of this article because before now I never think I can make an income from selling flower online.i have been looking for the best product to promote online .i find this article so helpful as a newbie in the business 

    • Yes the great part of affiliate marketing is that every interest has the potential to be a profitable niche. 

      If you are passionate about floristry then its a no brainer that you should explore the idea of selling flowers online to your local area.

  2. Investing in a quality site that reflects the personality of your brand and pumps your SEO is the best one can offer to make incredible sales online. This can also be done clearly and concisely by listing all your products, using attractive floral photos and a comfortable search bar on your homepage. I am able to monetize and create a marvelous website for my niche thanks to Wealthy affiliate. 

  3. I love spending time in my little garden, basking in the fragrance of my lovely companions. I have passion for flowers and I wish I could monetize my passion because it’s something I love.

    Thanks for this guide, I would judiciously put everything you’ve said into practice, and hopefully I’ll have a good feedback to give soon. Cheers!

    • Hi Louis

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      I very much look forward to hearing your feedback on how it’s going, all the best with your floristry website. 

      Let me know if I can be of any further help.

  4. Wow, Dianne. Your site is just unique with unique information. 

    I really appreciate you on this review on how to sell flowers online. I really love this niche of online marketing on flowers as I was deciding on it for my latest niche website to start. 

    But I had not thought of all your wonderful tips for success, before reading your enlightening article. 

    I support your opinions on Wealth Affiliate also. 

    Hope I can get a unique website on floristry for advertising my flower business online effectively at Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hi Topazdude

      The great thing about the training at wealthy affiliate is that it can be applied to your chosen niche and it would work particularly well for an online floristry, niche website.

      Just ensure to follow the training without missing any of the steps and your floristry website is sure to be a success. 

      Also within Wealthy Affiliate, there are some beautiful website themes to chose from which would be fantastic for this cause.

      I wish you well and would love to hear how it is going.

  5. Being an online florist is quite a pretty something. I love flowers but I wonder why I never gave it a thought to sell flowers online. I’m beginning to give it a thought right away and may consider it as my second website because I already have one website which I created through wealthy affiliates training. Wealthy affiliates is such a great platform where success is guaranteed.

    • Hi Kenechi

      That’s great news, floristry is a great niche that has vast potential, especially to those who are passionate about floristry.

      The good thing about this niche is that you can focus on your local area and build a sustainable business doing something you love.

      I wish you luck!

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