Juice Plus Reviews From A Ex Rep – Is it A Scam?

Juice Plus Reviews the Products

Juice Plus Reviews From A Ex Rep, Is it a Scam

Juice Plus Reviews the Products

Love it or hate it, Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) is big business.

Have you heard about Juice Plus and now you’re interested in finding out more about the business opportunity or the products?

Well, I am glad you come across my Juice Plus reviews here because I was once a rep for Juice Plus myself.

I know from first-hand experience the ins and out of the business opportunity and the products.

You can even ask me any questions you have in the comments section below this article. So, let’s get into it.

Juice Plus Reviews

Before we get into my juice plus review here, let me make it clear that I am in no longer associated with Juice Plus, not as a sales rep nor am I linked to them as an affiliate.

This means there will be no monetary gain for me should you decide to try the products or if your decision is to become a rep for Juice Plus.

I will just simply and honestly offer you my 100% opinion based on my personal experience.

In this review I cover everything there is to know, so feel free to use the below table of contents to jump straight to the sections that are of interest to you.

Interested in becoming a representative and knowing if this is a business opportunity for you?

Interested in using the products but want to know more details about the health benefits?

What Is Juice Plus About

Juice Plus is a well-established health and wellness company that was founded around 50 Years ago.

They claim their products are the next best thing to Fruit and Vegetables.

The products are not sold as substitutes of Fruit and Vegetables but as food, supplements to bridge the gap between what you eat and what you should eat on a daily basis.

These nutritional products complement an active lifestyle and promote the taste for a healthy diet for adults and children.

To ensure as many nutrients are preserved in their natural form, Juice Plus remove the water and inedible parts before they concentrate and dry the produce.

By building the juicing and drying plants close to the farms where the produce is harvested, they are able to preserve the fruits and vegetables ripeness and freshness.

More than 20 medical journals and scientific studies have published their findings on the products plus universities and research centres around the world have been studying the products for over 20 years.

Juice plus ship to many countries worldwide and these countries are also where team members can sign up.

All over the internet, you will find a mixed bag or reviews on the products, as with any product there are differences of opinions and with Juice Plus its quite striking.

As well as having had lots of very satisfied customers, there were also reps in my team who had customers who claimed no positive effect on their health from the products.

From my insider’s view, I did know of many personal journeys where the rep had started out as a customer and then from establishing confidence in the product themselves they began their own franchise to spread the word and earn an extra income.

Some Juice Plus reps earn very lucrative incomes whereas some earn smaller modest amounts that top up their usual income from full-time jobs.

Some join and then leave straight away purely down to how much work is involved for any success.

Becoming A Juice Plus Representative

In effect, you would be starting your own franchise business that solely promotes Juice Plus Products.

Something you often see with MLM businesses is that they expect their representatives to purchase and sell on the stock.

You do not handle any stock at JP, which a bonus is because this ultimately means you don’t have to fork out to buy the goods to sell them on.

This, therefore, is a good indication that Juice plus remain firmly in the FTC’s good books.  By not having their reps purchase goods to sell on, they retain a higher percentage of retail sales.

Your customer’s orders are quite easily placed via your website or through your own virtual office and the goods are dispatched from the warehouse direct to your customer.

Your customers are not charged shipping fees.

I personally signed up as a Juice Plus Rep after I had begun using the products myself.

But you can sign up with a rep at any time, there are no stipulations others than you need to be 18 or over and reside in one of the countries that JP ships to.

Once you pay your sign-up fee you are allocated your own online franchise website where you or your customers can place orders.

Juice Plus Reviews the Virtual Office

I spent some time researching the entire product line before I began to promote them because its important you really understand the products and their benefits.

This is why further into this article I share my knowledge on all products with you.

Building trust with potential customers and recruits is important as they buy into you and your experience with the products.

Within the training’s you are encouraged to use the products yourself and share the benefits and enhancement that they bring to your life.

I.e. share your journey in a genuine manner to help others want to improve their own lifestyle and personal health.

Some do see this is a downfall to the business or even the part which is the scam, but really, if you don’t know first-hand the benefits to the products how could you promote them.

During my first month, I more than earned back the £50 sign-up fee and was promoted to the second level of commission.

Because of this experience, I have my own opinions on joining an MLM company (Multi-level Marketing) and who it will or won’t work for.

Having been a rep for around 6 months I know the inside scoop and can answer a fair few questions that I know only too well that people have like.

The Position and Commission Structure

Juice Plus has a commission and bonus structure that can be a bit confusing at first and it did take me a while to get my head around it all.

I will try to lay it out in simple terms for you.

There are a series of positions you strive to reach through promotion and each promotion comes with a bonus, albeit a staggered bonus scheme (see it gets very complicated)


The PB Legs  – Performance Bonuses the 30% leg rule.

There is also the complication of how many PB legs you have within your team in order to qualify for promotions plus how many months in a row you need to qualify in order to receive the bonuses.

Upon the first month of achieving these criteria, you will receive part of the bonus and the second month you achieve this you will receive the remainder of the bonus. As well as your commission earned for that month.

The highest commission rate you can reach is capped at 20% and this for your own orders.

PB legs are the number of team members you have at certain positions i.e. 1 DD means that when you are at SDD position yourself, you will need at least one DD beneath you to achieve the next position of SC position yourself.


The PB points – To receive Commissions on the sales of your downline.

There is PB points criteria you need to meet in order to get paid for your team’s order are accumulated from yours and your teams’ payments received over the calendar month.

Points are accumulated based on product points i.e. overall products sold by you and your down lines.

For an MLM company to be in line with the FTC rules they need to maintain a certain level of revenue that has come from direct sales. So, this means individuals distributors are only paid for the sales of their total group should they meet certain volume criteria.


Starting point

Everyone starts off a DLR which is basic fruit and veg dealer with a commission rate of 10%.

Once you achieve a pay line Volume of 825 #825 in retail sales) points you are promoted to DD. DD = Direct Dealer and your commission increases to 14%

The next promotional positions plus the pay line volume points and the Amount of PB legs required are listed below.

  • SDD: PB Points required 3,250 PB Legs required are none
  • SC: PB Points required 6,500 PB Legs required is 1 DD
  • SSC: PB Points required 10,000 PB Legs required are 2 PB’s
  • QNMD: PB Points required 20,000 PB Legs required are 3 PB’s
  • NMD: PB Points required 40,000 PB Legs required are 4 PB’s
  • IMD: PB Points required 80,000 PB Legs required are 4 PB’s
  • EMD: PB Points required 120,000 PB Legs required are 4 PB’s
  • PMD:  PB Points required 160,000 PB Legs required are 5 PB’s

The Promotion Bonuses based on the position achieved.

  • SDD: qualification months is two in a row. You receive 100 + 200
  • SC: qualification months is two in a row. You receive 400+500
  • SSC: qualification months is three in a row. You receive 1,800
  • QNMD: qualification months is three in a row. You receive 3,600
  • NMD: qualification months is three in a row. You receive 7,200
  • IMD: qualification months is three in a row. You receive 14,400
  • EMD: qualification months is three in a row. You receive 21,600
  • PMD: qualification months is three in a row. You receive 28,800





The Downfalls You May Experience

This is not for you if you don’t like to ‘publicly speak’ or share your life to an extent on social media platforms.

You are probably not be in the right place if you have no interest in leading a team.

As maximum results require a well built and led team.

Or if you don’t want to take or have any believe in the products yourself.

  • The promotional structure is complicated and difficult to achieve unless you have managed to build a large and active team.
  • Some customers will be unhappy that they don’t recognize any results,
  • This happens especially when they don’t follow the guidelines of taking their products daily and understand that it takes at least 16 weeks to benefit from the products.
  • You are not provided with sample products for your customers to ‘try’ simply because the results are not instant.
  • I found the public trust was not good as with most money-making schemes you see on today’s’ internet give MLM companies a bad name.
  • It can be difficult in some cases to truly persuade potential leads of the geniality of the products and business opportunity.

The Work Involved and Who Its Best Suited To

It is possible to be successful and earn a decent amount of money with juice plus, but you do need to put in a lot of work. And I mean a lot!

You will need to be prepared to work at this business every day consistently and live the mission.

Your Business Structure

To be successful you should be prepared to put yourself out there ‘wholly’ and be the face and personality of your own franchise.

Plus encourage your down lines to do the same.

If you establish a good strategy for getting yourself out there you could use various avenues to grow and capture your audience which could be,

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Word of Mouth,
  • Face to Face i.e facetime calls.
  • Attending Trade Shows
  • Hosting Your Own Events

The team that you are recruited into will usually have a Facebook support group which you can join your customers to where you and they can find all the information that you and they need.

  • Healthy Meal Plans
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Initial Detox Plans
  • Helpful Files with Instructions on How to Successfully use the Products
  • Exercise workouts
  • A community that is full of others on the same journey.

You can also go one step further and create your own support group if you wish to do so.

There are also product testimonial groups you can share with potential customers who want to see and hears other perspectives.

Throughout the year there are conventions that you can attend

Plus, every week you will be included in training calls


Building Your Team and Empire

You are encouraged to continuously recruit within your team.

Each week there is a recruitment call that you can invite potentials onto so that they can hear in more detail what joining this business entails.

There is no commission paid for the actual recruiting of team members, only on the sales your team members achieve.

You will find that many customers become potential recruits if they are inspired by their own results and can see the potential to earn some money selling a product they have confidence in.

But be aware that many team members join and leave shortly after once they realize the amount of continuous effort that is required for any success.

The Start-up Costs and Virtual Office

The start-up fee is £50, $50 or 50 which is a one-off fee. Or this is what I thought it to be.

I can easily say that I earned my £50 fee back within the first month’s commissions in this business.

For this ‘one-off cost’ you get your own franchise business sign up in your name as well as a virtual online office and a website.

You do not handle any stock which a bonus is because this ultimately means you don’t have to fork out to buy the goods and sell them on.

Customer orders are simply placed within your virtual office and the goods are dispatched direct to your customer.

You can set Customers alerts for those you need to follow up with

Within your virtual office you can easily track yours and your teams’ orders.

New recruits are easily signed up within your virtual office.

You can purchase your own products within your own virtual office.

But a good thing is that you do earn a commission and points on your own purchases which you can see as a ‘discount’.

The level of commission is always based on your current position and level of commission at the time.

What you are Not Told

On an annual basis you are asked to pay a fee of around £35, $35 or 35 as a renewal for your virtual office.

This took me by surprise as it had not been made aware of this so It’s important I let you know.

You are never told by Juice plus to spam or cold call on potential customers,

You’re need to have a better strategy than resorting to this in any business.

Should your customer decide to send their purchased products back for a refund you will be deducted for the shipping costs.

You also need to chase up on non-payments or you will not be paid the commissions on the installment payments.

Your customers can decide to either pay for the products in full or take advantage of the four monthly installments plan.

So, it’s best to ensure your customers fully understand the payment plan in which they have elected to pay and stay on top of who should pay what and on what date.

Because if you have customer

Sometimes this situation is unavoidable as people’s circumstances do change or people simply change their minds.

But good open and honest selling strategies should help you to avoid this as best as possible.

But it’s not 100% avoidable.

MLM Network Marketing v Affiliate Marketing

Multi-Level-Marketing is where you create a franchise business selling the one company’s products

Using  a business strategy where you grow a team by recruiting down lines.

For each sale a down line makes you will earn a percentage of commission.

As your team grows so does your income.

As your down line’s recruit, you also receive a percentage from each of their teams’ sales as well.

The commission percentage decreases the lower down the chain that these are sales are made.

You are encouraged to make your own sales also and from these you earn commission rates.

Some MLM companies require you to purchase the stock and sell it on while others do not.

With Juice Plus you do not handle the stock so that is a good pointer for them.

Affiliate Marketing

Personally, I prefer affiliate marketing because you are not limited to just the one company.

You can promote and sell many companies product you chose, and you do not need to recruit nor be into direct sales.

Affiliate Marketing is a blog that provides your reader with all the information that they are looking and from that they will base their purchasing decision.

Having learned the skills of search engine optimization (SEO) your targeted audience find you rather than you going out finding them.

Luckily, I found the perfect platform that hosts my business and so I do not need to worry about the technical side of websites and I receive all the tools, education and support that I need.

If you’re interested in taking a look at this type of online business, click here to read my [Wealthy Affiliate Review] to see if this may be better suited to you.

Can you Make Money in Affiliate Marketing?

The Juice Plus Products Overview & Health Benefits

Juice Plus pride themselves on being the next best thing to Fruits and Vegetables and although they don’t in any way suggest that you replace eating your daily balanced diet with these whole food supplements they claim that they bridge the gap between what we should eat and what we do actually eat

I found that I needed to do a lot of my own research into the products, how they are made and what benefits they carry for the consumer.

So, if you are considering using the products or becoming a rep I am going to help you out here.

I have listed each product and the health benefits involved.

Juice Plus claims to use Fruits and Vegetables that are grown in controlled conditions with no pesticides or GMO’s – That sounds good, right?

Their products are Gluten Free, Dairy free and vegan and kosher friendly.

Juice Plus also claims that the capsules are Biodegradable which means they dissolve direct into the bloodstream which is quicker than being digested through the stomach.

Juice Plus Fruit & Vegetable Capsules

Contain 19 different types of fruits and Veg & they claim you will see the following benefits; –

  • Better DigestionJuice Plus Reviews the Fruit BlendKeeps Body Detoxed
  • Naturally Boosted Energy
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Lowered Oxidated Stress
  • Healthier Bones & Joints
  • Better Circulation
  • Healthier Heart
  • Improved Memory

These can be purchased in capsules form or chewable gummy sweets.

Juice Plus Berry Capsules

The Juice Plus berry capsules Contain 11 different types of berries & are described by JP as a powerful antioxidant.

From our own research (or mine) we can learn that berries are high in fibre and nutrients.

Juice Plus Reviews , Berries

Because berries are packed with antioxidants they can help improve your blood sugars and insulin levels.

The antioxidants in berries help your body to fight inflammation and berries can also lower cholesterol levels.

So, these are the health benefits we know about from consuming berries within your diet.

Juice plus claim the ingredients in the JP Berry capsules are.

  • Grapes, Pomegranate, BlueberriesJuice Plus Reviews , Berry Blend
  • Cranberries, Bilberry, Raspberry
  • Elderberry, Blackcurrant, Blackberries
  • Cocoa Powder, Green tea extract, Ginger root powder
  • Calcium -L-ascorbate, Artichoke leaf extract
  • Grape seed extract, Citrus extract
  • Anti-caking agents – Silicone dioxide
  • Magnesium salts of fatty acid

Below are the health benefits Juice Plus claim you will see from using their berry capsules daily by taking two capsules a day.

  • Healthier and Stronger Nail Growth
  • Healthier and Stronger Hair Growth
  • Clearer and Healthier Skin
  • Healthy Teeth and Gums

These can be purchased as capsules or in the chewable form.

The chewable form is so delicious it’s really hard to stick to your daily recommended use

Juice Plus Complete Bars

The Juice Plus Meal Replacement for Weight Control, Snack Bars

These bars contain plant-based protein and are a delicious high fibre snack that really does keep you going and preventing you from taking an unhealthy snack.

I find them useful for having a snack in your handbag.

There so fulfilling and in my opinion taste better than the unhealthy snack bars you can buy over the counter.

Juice Plus Reviews , Nutritional facts

They provide a balanced mix of carbohydrates, fats & protein. With a useful amount of fibre and micronutrients.

There are two types available one is chocolate coated bars and one is the mixed fruit bars.

Your order of nutritional bars contains 4 boxes and each box contains15 bars.

With a calorie count of 211 calories per bar.

So, if you need high energy, low sugar snack breaks these bars are great for that purpose

Juice Plus Reviews , The Complete Bars

You should note these do contain nuts and although JP claims these to be Gluten Free the ingredients also advised there could be traces of wheat.

You chose a selection of both if you like.

Juice Plus Omegas

The Omega Blends A natural blend of plant-based omegas 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9

Omega Blend + Food SupplementJuice Plus Reviews , The Omega Blends

Contains the following ingredients; –

  • Pomegranate Oil
  • Raspberry Oil
  • Sea Buckthorns Berry Oil
  • Tomato Seed Oil
  • Algae Oil
  • Safflower Seed Oil

Juice Plus claim their omegas are sourced straight from the algae that the fish eat so in effect cutting out the middle man and the fishy taste, they actually taste like orange.

So, in simple terms, the oils are extracted directly from the sea plants

Juice Plus Reviews , The Omega Origination

Whereas other omega supplements on the market are taken from the fish that eats the algae.

Makes good sense, right?

If we ourselves look into scientific studies (which I have) we know that our brain, eyes and heart function benefits from Omega fatty acids.

And that fat helps the body absorb vitamins A, D + E.

Vitamins A, D + E is fat-soluble vitamins which means the body cannot absorb them without the help of fat.

Some types of Omega 3 + 6 cannot be made by the body alone and so it is essential that you get these oils from your diet.

Omega 6 is found in

  • Some Nuts
  • Corn
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Sunflower

Omega 3 is found in

  • Sardines
  • Hearing
  • Mackerel
  • Kippers
  • Salmon
  • Trout

Vegetable sources of Omega 3 are not thought to provide us with the same benefits to our heart as the Omega 3 found in Fish

So, we are advised to eat at least two portions of fish per week from the above list.

Therefore, for those where this is not the case then these Omega blends would be a beneficial supplement.

But many of us get too much Omega 6 in our diets and so topping it up it not always advisable.

So, a thorough understanding of this is needed in my opinion before anyone has recommended them.

Juice Plus Boosters

Juice Plus claims that their Boosters contain glucomannan and when taken as part of a low-calorie diet can assist in weight loss.

Juice Plus Reviews , The Boosters
These boosters are a food supplement containing the following ingredients.

  • Dried corn syrup
  • Palm oil
  • Oat oil
  • Glucomannan 33%
  • Fructose
  • Multi-fruit flavouring
  • Green tea extract 3.3. %
  • Stabilisers – sodium polyphosphate
  • Flavouring
  • Caffeine

What is glucomannan?

Glucomannan is a food additive that is used as an emulsifier or thickener.

Its water soluble and is considered a dietary fibre.

It’s not unusual to find this product in weight loss products which you can buy over the counter and I have found a few food sources which actually contains glucomannan.

Juice Plus Reviews. Wheat, Rye & Barley

Grains such as

  • Oats, Rye and Barley

Some fruits such as,

  • Plums, prunes, apples, pears berries and bananas

Some vegetables such as,

  • Onions and Artichokes.

What happens is foods with glucomannan leave you feeling fuller and so are good food choices for those wanting to lose weight.

The JP Boosters are powered formed that is mixed with water and drunk in one go.

A line of gel is formed in the stomach that makes you feel fuller for longer and therefore can stop you from snacking in between meals.

Using weight loss products such as these are a personal choice and opinion will differ from person to person.

Weighing up the health risks linked to being overweight and the health risks that come with losing weight by using products such as these are something each person will consider.

Juice Plus Complete Shakes

Juice Plus Reviews. Complete Shakes

Plant Based Protein shakes that contain 17 fruits and vegetables and Dietary Fibre, Minerals & Vitamins

Juice Plus says the following as a guideline for using the complete shakes meal supplements.

The Shakes come in chocolate or vanilla flavours and in my opinion, are tasty and fulfilling.

Some people are biased about replacing any meals in this way but there are many satisfied and happy customers who do use them as meal replacements and are losing weight successfully.

I personally use these to increase my appetite, so I have these shakes along with my breakfast therefore increasing

Juice plus reps market the shakes based on the fact that they are a healthier option to other protein shakes on the market as they contain plant-based protein and do in fact have fruits and vegetables in them.

Juice Plus Reviews. Complete Shakes

My family think these are a great product to have in the cupboard and my teenage son especially likes them.

And as mum, I am more than happy that he reaches for a glass of this fruit and vegetables-based shake instead of a glass of sugary fizz.


My Personal Product Testimony

Juice Plus products have had a positive effect on my overall health and well-being.

Juice Plus Reviews. Complete Shakes

I am not saying they cured any particular illnesses, but they remedied a lot of basic health issues that I had, speeding up my recovery.

I also remained active and ate a healthy diet, which I found was made easier with the use of the shakes as they become my chocolate fix each day.

I absolutely love the chocolate bounty shake, yum! (see pic)

Now I continue to use the capsules, shakes and bars to maintain my overall health and weight.

Why I started on the JP products

I began taking the JP products just after a seriously distressing relapse of my thyroid condition. I was also diagnosed with Graves’ Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease.

As the thyroid is the bodies main gland I really was like a walking zombie with zero get up and go. And I had to Go to WORK!Juice Plus Reviews. My own before and after pictures

The picture of me on the left is when my doctor’s verdict was that I was now well with my thyroid levels and pulse rate now in the ‘normal range’.

Eeeeek, I certainly didn’t feel or look that way!

The picture of me on the right was 16 weeks after beginning to take the Juice Plus products.

That was the first time in more than a year that I had a night out with my friends 😉

So, I initially tried the Complete Shakes which quite quickly helped me to increase my appetite with the aim to gain weight with nutrition instead of doing it the unhealthy way.

I was super impressed with my new energy levels. I also cut sugar out my diet.

Having been so low on energy for so long, it had become a new ‘normal’ for me to feel tired every moment of every day.

I was loving how my digestion system was less sluggish within just a few weeks, this helped with the bloated painful belly aches I had got used to having.

Then I got on the Premium Capsules plus the Omega Blends capsules.

After around 4 to 6 weeks I started to see many health improvements.

  • Decreased inflammation around my eyes.
  • Getting off to sleep at night becomes easier, eventually, I started to enjoy bedtime again rather than dread it.
  • No longer waking up feeling like I had run a marathon all night.
  • Brighter Skin and Improved complexion
  • My balding hairline (from thyroid medication) seemed to be growing back at a speed.
  • My wafer-thin nails (typical symptom for overactive thyroid) became shiny, white and very strong.
  • Stabilized Menstrual Cycles
  • Weight Management
  • Better & happier moods

Every person’s reason to take these nutritional products are different and so will be the outcome.

But as you can see, I am happy with these products and the benefits I see so I continue to take them now.

I do find I rarely get unwell and if I do I recover quicker than everyone around me.

My Conclusion

I conclude that Juice Plus is not a scam.

But is not for everyone.

You have to like the fact that it is direct sales, recruiting and commission-based pay.

Although it seems to be a very competitive Brand to build your own franchise within I did see from personal experience success at varying levels.

It’s a very mixed bag of who is and who isn’t successful when promoting the Juice Plus Products with many factors coming into play such as likability factor, personal success using the products, consistency and commitment to work hard on this each and every day.

This kind of business turned out not to be my ‘thing’. I’m not really as into direct sales as I thought I might have been.

The good

A happy customer will remain on the product and can lead to a customer for life.

If you are good enough to recruit excellent team members and train them well, you can receive a passive income that grows with your team’s growth.

I was not told by Juice Plus or anyone involved to spam people or cold call on people but was encouraged to be creative in the ways in which I marketed the products and my franchise.

The products you are selling are geared towards a healthy lifestyle and there is a vast array of success stories where these products have improved people of all age’s health standards.

Everyone starts at the same level and everyone has the same opportunity to make a success of their own franchise business.

The higher-level position holders are inspiring people and you can learn a lot from this business about personal growth and health and wellness.

The Bad

As in any direct sales, there is always the ‘unhappy customers’ which are for you to deal with and for me that is why I don’t like direct sales and it is not for me.

It is your responsibility to chase up on any unpaid within your sales and should a customer decide to cancel their order you have to arrange the return of goods and pay for the returns fee.

The products are pricey, and each product must be sold in batches of four months’ supply.

The reason for this is that Juice Plus claims that it will take four months to see the true benefits of the products on the body.

All the above factors lead to how Juice Plus does not supply you with any customer testers of the products and if you wish to allow your customers to test. But this is not recommended.

Many reps use false customer testimonies which makes for difficult trust issues between customers and reps and so a lot of work needs to be put into building this trust factor up.

The dam right ugly

It’s a truthful fact that although the internet is full of get-rich-quick schemes, this just won’t happen.

To be successful in any business you need to pull your sleeves up and work hard. And that’s a fact!



  1. This is such a detailed, exhaustive and informative post from you. Thanks for taking your time to create and share. 

    Firstly, I’m not a fan of MLM  ever since I got scammed trying to invest into one but owing to the fact that this is proven legit, thumbs up. 

    Going by this post, I realized the major requirement to making a success in this is by imputing a lot of hard work, dedication, time and persistence in order to yield a positive result and also to leverage well by building an excellent team. 

    Seriously, this is tempting for me to dive into and I think the information on this post has answered virtually all my questions. It is worth giving a trial.

    • Hi RoDarrick

      Sorry to hear you were scammed in MLM marketing. 

      Its such a shame how one bad apple can taint the rest of the tree in peoples minds,  but that is how it goes.

      The good thing about Juice plus is that other than your signup fee, plus your annual renewal fee, as i mentioned. 

      You are not required to purchase the stock to sell on. So this can be seen a safe guard of your hard earned money and the investment from you is your commitment to your own franchise business.

      If direct sales is for you I would say go for it!

  2. MLM business is not for everyone and it is much more difficult than affiliate marketing in my opinion. 

    Although I had never directly been involved with MLM I have seen other do it and it’s not something I would prefer to do. 

    You need to “have it” to be able to be successful with this while affiliate marketing has a more easy learning curve for anyone. 

    If you add WA into the mix then affiliate can become a very doable and successful business for everyone.

    • Hi Stratos.

      You and I are like minded on this one 😉

      Affiliate marketing is a much more even playing field where anyone that is willing to put in the hard work and continuously keep their knowledge and skills updated,  will most certainly create a very lucrative home based online business.

      With a great hosting platform and community behind you, you only have the added advantage here.

      MLM marketing is a much more customer service based business and is perfect for those that excel in that area.

  3. I am generally very hesitant about this kind of work. But after reading your review I actually understand it a bit more and do see some benefits. 

    It’s like any kind of money making plan, it requires hard work. And if you believe in the product and are ready to work this is definitely not a scam. Just a way of making money. 

    This is gold if you’re a student, lost your job or need to supplement your income.

    It’s a great way to start your own business without having any money really. 

    • Hi Miss Momo.

      I believe that to be successful with Juice Plus you need to be passionate about the health and wellness industry because there is so much more to this then just selling a product.

      Therefore you full time dedication is needed as you build up a customer base ensuring all information and mentoring is provided plus it’s imperative that you build a well trained team, to do the same.

      This is most certainly ‘gold’ if this profession is for you, plus your looking for a side income as you say 😉

      Juice Plus could also compliment those who already work in the health and fitness industry.

  4. Hi Dianne,

    I’m glad that you summarized that irrespective of how good the affiliate, the get rich quick is just not there. 

    You have to put the work to succeed in any business. The Juice plus review is very thorough and to the point, I love that you didn’t sugar coat anything. 

    I don’t like direct sales either I have tried and failed many times before. 

    The product though looks great and as you said could have great potential for making money if you have the marketing stomach for it. 

    From your personal review, it looks like the product itself would probably make it easy to sell because health issues like thyroid and weight management and bloating are real issues that most people would be happy with any product that helps. 

    From a business perspective, I guess it comes to whether you like the direct sales.

    • Hi Zirora

      The great thing about the Juice Plus products is that if you do have a positive experience by using the products yourself then you can share this and then making sales is much easier.

      Who doesn’t want to feel great hey!

      I am quite sure that this is why many customers become reps themselves as they see the potential to make sales with something they can personally vouch for.

      Although this is not to say that every person is great at direct sales or even particularly enjoys to do that. 

      I did well with JP but I was not passionate about the type of work you need to put into it.

      So yes it does come down to whether or not this is the perfect business fit for you.

  5. Thank you for this great review. I was once an affiliate of USANA. 

    Based on my experience, this type of product is hard to sell because you need more and more knowledge on all their products so that you can easily answer those questions if ever the customers have. 

    It’s really my weak point and I am not really good at it so I quit.

    • Hi Bong,

      Yes you are right, to sell a product such as these you really do need extensive product knowledge. 

      You need to understand the customers health and fitness goals and match them up to the right product for maximum results.

      You also need to remain in contact with the customer through their journey ensuring they are getting the best results that they can. So this is not just a quick sell and done.

  6. Dear Dianne,

    Wow, this an in-depth and detailed review post and one of my friend recommended Juice plus as a business opportunity and I was looking for some additional information on Juice plus and found your helpful review. This review is an eye-opener for me and totally changed my perspective.

    To be honest I read few reviews and your review is one of the most excellent, thorough and comprehensive review. After doing my search on Google I opened nearly 8+ Juice plus reviews on different tabs but after reading your review I closed all other tabs. I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research needed. You left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works.

    I really enjoyed the content and in the manner that you presented and you gave us an encyclopedia of knowledge here on Juice plus.

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul

      I am so glad that you found my Juice plus review to be helpful. 

      Good luck with your business venture if you do decide to become a Juice Plus Rep!

  7. Hi Dianne

    Great review full of useful information for me to digest 🙂

    I often wondered if their were some products, and a way of giving me the nutrition my body needs, if i don’t eat enough fruit or vegetables. 

    This comprehensive review certainly answers that question for me. 

    I have done MLM marketing and sales before for Herbalife products and it is exactly like this. If you are capable of public speaking and build a team then you can earn a full time wage 

    Unfortunately the amount of work involved showed me that it just  wasn’t a business for me.

    Some of the products do sound very good indeed like the juice plus fruit & vegetables capsules. I suffer from high cholesterol so will be looking into buying a batch of these.

    How long do I need to take them before I can feel a different in my cholesterol?

     Do I need a month supply to make it work for me?

    Thank you for bringing this information to my attention.

    Take care

    • Hi Mathew,

      When you purchase the fruit and vegetable capsules you get a four month supply delivered to you.

      Juice Plus maintain that results will be seen once you have completed the first 16 week course. Then should you continue to take the capsules you will maintain the good health you are after.

      You will also be given access to lots of healthy recipes and exercises to ensure you get the maximum results from your journey.

      It might worth asking the rep you use to allow you entrance to their testimonies group where you can read personal testimonies written by others who may have experienced a difference in their cholesterol levels.

      Let me know if I can be of any further help here 😉

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