Is Zurvita Zeal a Scam or Legit: The Real Facts

Is Zurvita Zeal a scam

Is Zurvita Zeal a Scam or Legit: The Real Facts

Is Zurvita Zeal a Scam


My Zurvita Review

You arrived here because you’re looking for a straight forward review to find out the obvious,

Is Zurvita Zeal a Scam or a legitimate business opportunity.

I am an affiliate marketer and my job is to deliver the facts to you based on my research.

You can rest assured that I am in no way linked too or an affiliate of Zurvita. This means I getting nothing from any decisions you make or your opinion on Zurvita Zeal. 

My one objective is to tell you honestly what they’re all about so you can decide for yourself if joining them will work for you.

Zurvita Zeal overview


Zurvita: The Company Principles

Zurivta is an MLM company that celebrates over 10 years of business and describe themselves as changing peoples lives through business opportunities and their wellness products.

Based In Houston, USA. When founded in March 2008, they based their company principles on

  • Building a company that honours and glorifies God.
  • Developing a company with humble leadership
  • Creating an environment where people can win at every level.


Zurvita is currently marketed in the following global markets;-

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Dominican Republic
  • Hong Kong
  • Peurto Rico
  • Singapore
  • Mexico


Zurvita’s Mission

Their mission statement is to ‘help people become the best version of themselves’.

Zurvita states that their Zeal products have been involved in a clinical trial with KGK Science. These studies have confirmed positive benefits that come from drinking Zeal health products which include.

  • Stronger Vigor and VitalityIs Zurvita Zeal a Scam
  • Improved Moods
  • Less Anxiety

The study was based on healthy active people who were not looking to improve current health or mood.

Yet after drinking zeal twice a day for 28 days, they concluded that a whopping 85% felt significantly better.

That’s quite an impressive outcome considering these people felt good to start with.

Maybe head over KGK Science and check out who they are for yourself and make your mind upon the validity of this trial. 

To me , it looks very legitimate.


The Zurvita Zeal Products

Zurvita offers a wide array of Protein, Energy and Weight Management products in the form of a superfood drink, bars & shakes.

With many natural ingredients,  which you would expect to see in a health and awareness product such as Rice Bran, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Fennel Seeds & Gobi Berries.

To just name a few.Is Zurvita Zeal a Scam

Zurvita claims the products lead to better focus, confidence, productivity and happiness with long-lasting and stable energy that has no crash.

So all in all, the products seem well researched and well put together.

In my opinion, a representative for Zurvita is sure to be successful in making sales in the health industry based on what we see here on the products.

What People Say: Is Zurvita a Scam or Legit?

There seems to be the usual tongue lashing that MLM companies get.

Internet marketers claiming the products are of minimal results and made with un-researched products causing negative side effects.

In particular it is said that the weight loss products are ineffective but it looks to me as though this is down to the difference between ‘weight management’ goals and ‘weight loss’.

Zurvita does not claim their product to be weight loss products but weight management.

It’s usually the case where one product will get slammed, another will be suggested as an alternative and this we see all over the internet.

All in all, it looks to me that Zurvita is a popular, long established company providing long term customers product that they like and make them feel good.

The Zurvita Business Opportunity

Zurvita is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company that allows you the opportunity to become a representative and purchase the products for resale plus recruit a team of down lines,  where you will earn a commission based on them purchasing the products for resale.

In my research, I found there were team bonus payments based on sales levels and the chance to increase your consultant ranking and therefore your commission rate.

If MLM is for you then I see why you should not sign up with Zurvita and check out the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Always take your time and know exactly what you are signing yourself into.

My Conclusion

Many people fail at MLM marketing because they simply don’t have a good business strategy of their own in place.

Most commonly you will see representatives repeatedly spam social platforms and get more no’s or ignores then they do any interest.

Sales tactics need to be current with todays internet market and social media world.

If your sales skills are not up to par then neither will be you’re recruiting skills be. In most cases.

It can be very demotivating to throw yourself into a business just to find yourself going around in circles.

This often leads to quitting.

But don’t worry, 

I do have a solution that would make your business venture with Zurvita Zeal a success instead of a bad car crash.

How Best To Get Started 

Understanding who your target audience is and what they really want, in my opinion is the best way to market a MLM business or any online business opportunity.

Do this correctly through social media and also blogging, building a mailing list with readers who like you and want to revisit your blog.

Never blogged before and it sounds like heaps of work? Trust me it’s not!

Sounds very costly to get it started? Nope not all!

Affiliate marketing is an excellent online marketing skill that will put you in good stead in the online world. 

Instead of getting lost in the sea of social media marketers, why not;

  • Learn keyword skills to target your audience segment, customers will find you rather than you going out to find them.
  • Conduct thorough product research and you will have endless articles to write.
  • Learn how to write high ranking article content and reach the maximum potential audience.
  • Have multiple sources of income, the best thing about being an affiliate is that you are not beholden to one product or one company.
  • All the training you will need is there at your finger tips. 

I can help you with all the above and much more.

Take the stress away and have your website hosted at a platform where all the tools, education and expert support is all in the one place.

Check out the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting platform where a starter membership is free plus a free website.

Allowing you to assess if this is the best place for you without any commitment.

Every day I am inside the platform working on my Affiliate business, so I will be there to help you get started.

The minute you sign up you and I will be linked so you can contact me instantly for help.




  1. Wow! Thank you very much for this post. You have indeed done a lot of research and i’m happy with your recommendation. There are so many scam sites and affiliates out there who only focus on generating traffic for their sites but i know for sure that Zurita zeal is worth a try having been operating for over 10years now.
    The products they produce are also great in terms of descriptions and functions.Thank you for doing a thorough research  on this company.

  2. Hi Dianne, I am reading this article because I want to know about Zurvita. I have found that there are great healthy products available for sale, good content and very effective bringing good results. 

    The problem lies in the running of the business.  Looking at set up costs, ongoing fees, rules, and the big one …marketing, are what would make a successful career. 

    My experience with Wealthy Affiliates shows that the platform will take care of all that. Thanks for the information on these products!

    • Hey JJ,

      Yes, you are right, tackling the business structure here by using a host such as Wealthy Affiliate is going to take away many of the potential time consuming and cost factors. There’s so much to gain from good hosting that in the long success will be yours!

      Glad you found my post helpful. Thanks for dropping in a comment.

  3. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Zurvita.

    From your review it’s obvious Zurvita is not a scam but one of the issues I have with MLMs is that most of the money is made by recruiting a big team, this training is not provided and if you don’t have any serious networking skills then you won’t find enough customers and your business will sink.

    I’m all for making passive income online but I don’t feel MLM is the right path. Your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a golden opportunity, and since it’s free to start there’s no risk of losing money. Thanks for the article.

    • Hey Son.

      MLM is perfect for those who do have good networking skills and enjoy building and leading a team. 

      It’s not the right path for everyone but many people do make great incomes or top up their current income by joining reputable MLM companies.

      Thanks for reading my article and dropping in a comment. Have a great day!


  4. Loving your review Dianne, 

    I’ve come across a lot of energy drinks and consumables in my life but for mlm, I would stay away from it because of that recruitment agenda so I tend to always buy online which is cheaper. But I have seen a lot of mlms revolving energy drinks same as zurvita which makes me wonder if I should have a go at it. 

    But looking back, I have never been good at sales and would probably be depressed when I have to keep going out and face rejection, no thank you! Thanks for the review, helped me realize I should avoid it. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  5. Thanks for this review on the Zurvita Zeal company

    You really did well in writing this review after doing your findings and research. Although this is my first time of reading about zurvita.

    But from all I read in this review zurvita is not a scam, but an mlm company in which I can’t encourage any newbie to participate in it due to the fact that they get stuck because most time they don’t know how to do any marketing. 

    And thanks for your recommendation on wealthy affiliate, it is far more better than any mlm company. 

    • Hi Ajibola,

      MLM is network marketing which suits many people. As long as the company you align yourself with is not a scam i.e a pyramid scheme, which are illegal.

      From my research I can say Zurvita Zeal is not a scam.

      I know a good few people who make steady incomes from network marketing (MLM) it can range from earning a few extra hundred bucks a month to top up your current income right through to full time or even very luxury incomes. 

      It’s a real shame that the MLM scams give bad light to the genuine profitable opportunities out there, thats why its good to do the research properly before you begin your business adventure. Unfortunately this can be the same for companies on and off line.

  6. Hi Dianne!

    Thanks for your honest review. Until now I didn’t know about Zurvita Zeal company and their products.  

    The Health and Wellness industry is huge. There are many big and smaller companies out there offering such products.

    Losing weight and staying in shape is a big problem for a vast number of the people. Knowing what kind of living style and nutrition is needed to achieve the ultimate goal, which is staying healthy and remaining slim, is a big help to anyone with similar problems. Also, for other people as well.

    I am sure your post will contribute to choosing the right products.

    Best regards,

    Stay well, market better, convert best!

  7. Hello Dianne, Good review with real facts on Zurvita Zeal whether is a Scam or Legit. This is one of the greatest questions on my mind this weekend, searching for a review like this to aid my decision and aid me with my plan. 

    I realized that their MLM strategy is very great to my view and I think I will help me as a an affiliate marketer and I can categorically say their products are great and some wonderful features I really admired. 

  8. For me this is the first time I read about Zurvita Zeal but any article in which it is described so honestly if we can be fooled or everything is legal, for me is a great opportunity.
    Your research is full of useful explanation and I want to thank you for that. I search the internet for various opportunities to make money but I want to tell you that there are many fake articles.
    I really enjoyed reading your post and I appreciate the honest information you have provided. It seems that Zurita Zeal is not illegal and even represents a good way to make money. I have a lot of computer and networking knowledge and I think this opportunity to start a business through MLM is a very good idea especially using Zurvita Zeal.
    Thank you for sharing this with us. Wish you all the best!

  9. Thanks for the overview of zurvita Zeal. It is so sad to know that this business that has been doing so well over the years is not one that can help to make a real income. The products sound nice but after your review, it is clear that this would not be the right place to invest both my money and time. Thanks for sharing 

  10. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. i was really skeptical at first about zurvita zeal when i first heard about it. i did not know much at that time, but i have learnt a great deal to know that it is good.

  11. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Zurvita is an MLM company and Zurvita has offered me a wide array of protein, energy and weight management products in the form of superfood drinks, bars and shakes. Zurvita says these products are a long-lasting and stable energy source .But since then I have not chosen Affiliate Marketing Place because I have not been able to utilize my business strategies properly in this place and I have been affiliate marketing through the Wealthy Affiliate website for a long time and I am a successful Affiliate Marketer.Although zurvita is not a scam, I think Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money in the online world because affiliate marketing has provided me with a lot of money making tools, as well as many tutorial videos for learning affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing has given me many tips to take my website to a good level and I am successful .

    Lastly, I hope that by reading your article, everyone will take on the premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate and share their experiences with you as they succeed in the affiliate world.

  12. Hello Dianne. After reading through this review of Zurvita, it is obvious tha6the company is reputable and the products they have are well researched and properly produced to meet the needs for which they were produced. However, the MLM business model looks scary to me. Well, I have seen a few persons doing well in MLM and some of them take this business online just as you have stated at the end of this review. It would be nice to learn those skills MD take this business online.

  13. Thanks for the review of Zurvita Zeal

    After reading your article I have learned a lot of things about Zurvita Zeal. Your article really helps us to join this company. You have highlighted all the points of Zurvita Zeal. you have made a good description of this company’s bad side and good side. you wrote an informative article that will help us a lot. And Thanks for recommended Wealthy Affiliate. I am a premium member of a wealthy affiliate. I also do work with a wealthy affiliate. This website gives us many opportunities for affiliate marketing and there are free training arrangements for affiliate marketing. They have many videos and articles about affiliate marketing and it’s totally free. In my opinion, this is a great website for learning affiliate marketing and getting started.

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful article with us

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful article with us. I have learned something new by reading your article. I read your post and found a lot of information about Zurvita. I understand from reading your article that Zurvita is not a scam.
    You really did well in writing this review after doing your findings and research. I was inspired to read your article. Thanks for your recommendation on wealthy affiliate. I will share your article with my friends. They will surely share their opinion with you soon.
    I will share it on my social media. I hope others will benefit.

  15. Hello Dianne,

    Zurvita Zeal according to your nice post seems like an MLM company that has good intentions and probably their products do work. Being over a decade old in the supplements industry, and being in some 1st tier countries, it could be worth trying. However, just like you’ve said it, any business without a strategy is bound to fail. I certainly would consider your blogging suggestion as it is a win-win for both the company, customers, and the blogger building a blog asset.

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