Best Free Affiliate Program, Plus a Free Website & Vegas Trip!

Free affiliate with free website

Best Free Affiliate Program, Plus a Free Website & Vegas Trip!

Free affiliate with free website


Hello I am Dianne. Welcome to my blog here at SideHustlerAffiliate.

This week my research has been based on the best free affiliates programs to join,  whats good and whats to be avoided.  Saying that you are in the right place if you are up for learning all about the best free affiliate program when it comes to value for your precious time.

Here is one that I myself have joined that I want to share with you,

Check out my quick glance pointers below that make this affiliate program a no-brainer!


Generous Recurring Commission payments paid out to affiliates whether you are a paying member of the platform of a free member. Which will you be?

No Commission to be paid by you on any of your earnings.

Bootcamp Step by Step Training that makes your earning goals easier then ever to achieve.

Your Free Jaaxy keyword research tool membership.

Your Free Website: Use this as you follow the training and build out a sophisticated website that will stand out and rank high in Google

Community Membership where you can learn from some of the best market affiliates the internet has to offer.

Just 300 referrals get you a invite to the annual Las Vegas trip, all expenses paid.

Free affiliate programs with free website


Who Are Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by the two guys below, Kyle & Carson.

Free affiliate programs with free website

It’s an absolute no brainer that as Wealthy Affiliate is a Hosting and learning to platform geared specifically for affiliate marketers then it goes hand in hand that they would have the best affiliate program on the internet, themselves.

Here are some facts about Wealthy Affiliate to help you decide that this platform is worth your time being a part of and promoting.

  • The training follows proven and current strategies to attract traffic.
  • Within the first few lessons, you will learn how to get an abundance of traffic to your website organically.
  • The hosting is so advanced that the Wealthy Affiliate member’s OWN Google for rankings.
  • 14 years of experience in this business.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is currently active in 193 countries.
  • There are 1.4 million + active member’s.
  • 10,000 new businesses are built within the platform, monthly.
  • In comparison to other platforms, the membership fees are much lower with a service offering so much more in terms of features and advancement of service.

That’s some pretty impressive facts making Wealthy Affiliates an easy sell for affiliates, right?

Check out my full review of the platform, for further details

Who Is The WA Affiliate Program Best For

Free affiliate programs with free websiteThe BootCamp training is geared purposely for their affiliates.

Proven to be suitable for beginners right through to experts.

It’s interactive and simple to follow along with, as you build out you’re own sophisticated and lucrative blog.

You learn how to successfully monetize your website so you do not leave any money on the table.

Therefore, as an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate (WA) you do not only have to limit yourself to promoting WA only.

The business strategies taught are based on the concept that even though your core vision may be to promote WA as an affiliate, you can and should promote, compare to all other related products and/or services.

The training allows you the vision to decide in which direction you will take your business and who your target audience will be.

Is This Affiliate Program A Good Fit For Me?

New to Blogging? well, you will be pleased to know that no experience or technical knowledge is needed here at WA.

Already Blogging? That’s OK you can either chose to complete the training and use the affiliate links and tools provided by WA on your continue on with your current website.

Or you can very easily move your current domain to this hosting platform.

Why would you bother to move your domain? Well, WA is brilliantly powerful and secure.

  • The Site Speed rating is 1.3 per second average load time using the latest and most powerful servers possible.
  • Security is taken care of with double hosting, meaning should one server go down their second one will kick in.
  • In the past year, over 27 million hacking attempts were stopped.
  • The included bandwidth is 500k visitors a month to your site

But to do this you will need to sign up to the premium membership but also bear in mind the benefits to doing this is that the commission for each referral goes from $11.75 per month to $23.50 per month per recurring referral.

But this is not at all necessary to be an affiliate at WA.

So this decision will be yours.

The Affiliates Promotional Toolbox

Free affiliate programs with free website

Compared to other affiliate programs I have looked into, Wealthy Affiliate provides quite an impressive promotional toolbox for their affiliates.

They know how this works only too well and so they could not make it any easier for affiliates to be successful and create a lucrative income from this program.

So here’s the roundup on the tools and training.

  • You get free websites.
  • Either use the Siterubix.com domain for free or purchase your own
  • Get a competitive advantage on your competition with the Training
  • The Training gets you from scratch to website up and running, indexed and ranked.
  • Be trained to correctly create good quality content.
  • Learn how to find current keywords with the use of your free version of Jaaxy Lite Keyword tool.
  • Expect to be earning before your an expert and through with the completed training

If you are ready to truly master Affiliate marketing with the help of industry-leading experts then enter your name and email address here to get signed up and get stuck in.

The Wealthy Affiliates Vision

Each sale made by an affiliate for wealthy affiliate pays out an average of $121 per year.

As an affiliate, you can expect that each referral that sign-ups for premium will most probably be a life long commissions.

The usual industry rate for conversions is around 1 in 100 but at Wealthy Affiliate member’s convert to the premium member’s at a rate more like 1 in 8.

That’s an increased conversion of more than 6% the usual.

Below are some affiliate member’s testimonies regarding the affiliate program based on the overall education, coaching and community at Wealthy Affiliates.

Free affiliate programs with free website

Free affiliate programs with free website

Free affiliate programs with free website

Free affiliate programs with free website

Wealthy Affiliates BootCamp Success

Surrounding yourself with successful affiliates is the best way to become the best of the best yourself.

As the service at WA improves each day so does the referral sales.

There are verticals of opportunities on this hosting platform for you to sell to your audience

If you are willing to bring the commitment and hard work then you have every chance of being an elite affiliate marketer here WA.

After all Wealthy affiliate ensure you are equipped with the best tools, education and hosting for your goal.

Your goals are their goals.

Get 300 Referrals For A Invite To Las Vegas

Free affiliate programs with free website

With this program is the added bonus of earning yourself an invite to Las Vegas.

Hit the 300 referrals target in one calendar year and your in.

The Target period is from January to December to achieve this exceptional perk.

And here I have a secret for you…

I have seen, in the past previous years, WA drops the target to just 100 in September to give you even better odds of achieving this invitation.


Free affiliate programs with free website

So if you can get 100 referral between September and December then start packing your bags 😉

member’s inside the platform are achieving Las Vegas trip by March and April.

The above picture was for the 2019 conference, how about getting started now to get the 2020 conference in the bag?

What Happens At Vegas, The Affiliates Secrets Exposed

A bit of business and a lot of fun at Las Vegas could be on your horizons.

This trip could take your business to new heights with this all paid trip.

Free affiliate programs with free website

Attend a private conference hosted at Las Vegas where you get to rub shoulders with the best affiliates the industry has.

Be included in discussions that are centred around the future of affiliate marketing.

You get a one to one meeting with Kyle & Carson to discuss your very own affiliate business where you get to take away expert tips and advise.

Enjoy the casino, entertainment, great food and drinks at Las Vegas with the elite affiliates gang.

Many others in this industry will ask you to pay to attend their conferences but Wealthy Affiliate for you to join them.

I intend to be at the 2020 conference, do you?

More about that Affiliates Tool Box

I will walk you through each section to help you get a good idea of your own affiliate section at WA.

Free affiliate programs with free website

Program Details: In this area, you have all the information you need about the affiliate program, as follows:-

Free affiliate programs with free website

Above is a comparison of the potential earnings for referrals from a free member to premium members perspective.

As you can see the earning potentials here are very generous.

Free affiliate programs with free website

Above is an overview of the BootCamp training course.

Course #1 is free with the starter membership

Levels #2 to #7 are available to premium members.

It is totally possible to achieve high success with only level #1

But greater things can happen for those for part take in the full course and learn the very advanced stages of affiliate marketing.

Free affiliate programs with free website

Above is a handy interactive table where you can enter your targeted referrals and see what your potential earning potential is

My Stats: The statistics section is very detailed you can track your stats in any way you like

Free affiliate programs with free website


Below is a selection of categories for you to compare and choose from.

Free affiliate programs with free websiteReferrals: This is simply a list of your referrals for locating and communicating with them. They are sorted into two separate tabs.

One tab for free members and one tab for your premium referrals.

Links & tracking: In your links and tracking section you are able to edit and create your own links so you can strategically place them through your posts and track where your conversions originate from.

Free affiliate programs with free website
In the above image is my own links and tracking section, the last two are my own created links. The last two on my list of links, I created myself,

Here below is a screenshot of this area and my own personalised custom message for my wealthy affiliate, affiliate link.

Free affiliate programs with free website

As you can I have been able to insert a photo of myself and my website to fully customise my link.

Messages: The below messages area simplifies your communication with your referrals.
To ensure you can communicate with your referrals in your own way all the messages are also customisable.

Free affiliate programs with free website


Banners: As you can imagine there are a fair few banners which you can use within your promotions.

You have the options of downloading the image, Direct links or the HTML code.

All personalised with your own unique affiliate code.

Any referral that clicked on your unique link first will be your referral.

Even if they decide to explore the Wealthy Affiliate website and signup from there.

Because the WA platform is so highly ranked in the search engines, any blogs which you publish within the WA platform in the member’s area will be ranked well in the search engines.

Therefore, any referrals bought via your blogs will also be yours.

The BootCamp Training

Bring your online business alive by Mastering affiliate marketing with industry-leading education.

The BootCamp caters to affiliates of all levels and is proven to take someone from scratch right through to earning a full-time living.

In the images below I am showing you the first 3 levels of the 7 level BootCamp course.

As it’s free to join the platform you may want to go in and have a thorough look at the training for yourself.

>>Join Here<< 

  1. BootCamp Level 1

Free affiliate programs with free website2. BootCamp Level 2

Free affiliate programs with free website

3. BootCamp Level 3

Free affiliate programs with free website

The Membership Options

Here is a breakdown on the Wealthy Affiliate member options.

Unlike other establishments in this space, there are only two membership options to choose from with no hidden upsells.

Free affiliate programs with free website


Conclusion & What’s Next?

  1. In this article, I have shown you a very lucrative affiliate program that comes with a free website plus so much more in terms of offerings for an affiliate program.
  2. For the first seven days, you get the full premium membership for free, this will allow you to fully explore this opportunity for yourself.
  3. Sign up here to your free membership.
  4. Get acquainted with the community and the possibilities
  5. Pack your bags ready to go to Las Vegas.



  1. Wealthy Affiliate has served me well since joining almost seven months ago. 

    For someone who knew very little about internet marketing prior to October 2018 and how I evolved over the past seven months provides the first-hand proof for those on the cusp of entering our world. 

    I can tell you that even the complete beginner who has never started an affiliate or internet marketing blog will learn far more in just a few short months than they ever would anywhere else. 

    Not just that, WA is an all-in-one package which allows for an affordable price with state of the art hosting, training, and keyword research. 

    • Hey Todd

      I love to hear success stories, this is a true testament how being exposed to all that the Wealthy Affiliate platforms have to offer can help even newbies achieve their goals, in such a short time.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my post.

  2. I’ve recently joined Wealthy Affiliate as a complete novice to the world of building websites, search engine optimization, keyword research, etc. 

    I only had a little experience in blogging from a facebook page that I run, but I am blown away by how easy Wealthy Affiliate has made the training for complete newbies. 

    A month ago, if someone had told me I’d have my own website built in a month, I’d have thought they were crazy! 

    But it was built within a matter of minutes, I am already indexed in google, and I am preparing to monetise my website now. 

    What an awesome journey it has already been!

    • Hi Josie,

      It’s just amazing that in just one month you already have a website that is indexed in Google. 

      I wish you every success in your affiliate marketing ventures

  3. Awesome and wonderfully written post. I just noticed that your website is already bookmarked by me. You have provided a great taste of overall Wealthy Affiliate success path till Vegas, very beautifully. 

    Issue is most of the people who joins WA are free members, and are also very skeptical about it. Through your article they will surely experience a next level of their views on WA platform. It is hands down the best training platform for Affiliate marketing in the world, with an awesome community support all the way. 

    I appreciate you writing this wonderful experience of WA platform. 

    • I agree that newbies can be very sceptical, 

      The online world is an even playing field for everyone and with so many purchases taking place online every day, the opportunities really are endless.

  4. Thank you for such a review of Wealthy Affiliate.  WA has proven that it is possible to make affiliate online income at the comfort of your seat so long as one follows their training to the end. Yes, there are various ways of making an income online, but not all them are for everyone. I am happy that WA offers the training package for newcomers to get started the proper way. Thank you for writing this helpful article.


  5. Hello Dianne,  thanks for this post. Though I am a premium member on wealthy Affiliate but yet to complete my trainings on entrepreneur certification(1st one). I saw the affiliate bootcamp and I would really love to become an affiliate when I’m acquainted with affiliate marketing because this seems like a very good bargain to earn with little stress. This piece is well detailed and informative. Thanks and I look forward to coning back to read more of your posts

  6. Amazing, definitely an amazing program. 

    A trip to Las Vegas will definitely be something I would love to strive for in this program. I really like the idea as it would make me work hard in trying to make money for myself and the best part is getting rewarded for the efforts on top the money that you can make. 

    That is really amazing. I really love what the wealthy affiliate platform is doing. It is truly amazing. 

    The trainings and the platform as a whole is one of the best I have ever seen.

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