The Best Free Affiliate Programs to Join

Best free affiliate program to join

Best free affiliate program to join

Hey fellow affiliate marketers! If you’re on the journey to boost your income streams, you’ve got to dive into the world of the best free affiliate programs out there. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

Picture this: You, rocking the online marketing scene, achieving those visions and goals of yours. But here’s the deal – you’ve got to be on the constant lookout for killer affiliate programs that can fill your pockets with some serious cash.

Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned pro, I’ve got your back. I’ve handpicked some top-notch affiliate programs that are legit gems in the market. Why? Because they genuinely care about their affiliates and make it a breeze for you to rake in those sales.

Now, let’s talk strategy. The first crucial step toward affiliate success? Nailing that niche selection. It’s like the foundation of a sturdy house – without it, things might get shaky.

So, here’s the lowdown: Don’t underestimate the power of your dreams, always stay vigilant for the good stuff, and remember, your success story begins with choosing the right niche. Ready to level up your affiliate game? Let’s dive in!

Before we move on; Are you still looking for your Niche?

If you’re still on the fence about finding that perfect niche for your affiliate marketing journey, I’ve got some killer Tips & Tricks in my article that might just be your game-changer. It’s like your secret weapon to unlock the ideal niche that suits you like a glove. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this golden nugget of advice!

Check it out, and let’s get you on the path to affiliate marketing greatness. Because let’s face it, the right niche is like the magic potion that sets the stage for your success.  Ready to dive in and discover your perfect fit? Let’s roll! Tips & Tricks of how to find an Affiliate marketing niche 

Template Monster, Affiliate Program

the best free affiliate programs to join

Template Themes make it more than easy for affiliates to promote their products and earn revenue while doing so.

There around 26,600 premium word press themes and over 50,000+ overall products on offer at Template Monster.

The Commission structure

  • 30% for any new users first purchase
  • Plus I found that upon signing up you as an affiliate you get 35% for a month period.
  • 10% on future purchases.
  • 5% for referred affiliates

The Best Bits

  • Cookies: 365 days. Awesome!
  • Get Paid 5% lifelong for referred affiliates earnings. Awesome!
  • Multilingual Website
  • Average sale equals $27

Sign up with Template Monster here.

A Quick Review of Template Monsters Affiliate Program

Average product price is $90 and the average commission is $27 per sale.

Plus you could use your commission to purchase your own website themes from them.

There is also a progressive commission plan based on the level of referred sales.

An added advantage is the 365 days cookies so they pay commission for each sale and not just the first.

They have a quick and easy integration system where you can use their ready-made showcases or even create your own.

It’s easy to install their widgets that will automatically offer your readers relevant templates at the end of your article, minimising your efforts and maximising your revenue.

You have the option of going one step further and use the web API for making a ready-made shop (RMS) to create a template store of your own.

They even allow you to fully white-label their templates so you don’t have to show your readers that these templates were made by Template Master.

You can use link shortness and your links will still be applied as an affiliate.

Template Monster has a multilingual website.

Plus your welcome to use all the necessities provided tools to for any kind of business that your website is involved in.

Should you need more tools or have any questions just contact them.

Thrive Themes,  Affiliate Program

the best free affiliate programs to join

Thrive Themes is a well-known brand offering word press themes.

With memberships that also include tools such as Click funnel, Divi Builder by Elegant themes & Lead pages.

The commission structure

  • 35% commission per purchase
  • 10% commission for recurring purchases
  • Annual Recurring Commissions
  • Based on selling memberships $19- to $49.

The Best Bits

  • Affiliate Tutorials
  • Use of Product Tutorials
  • VIP Affiliates are invited to their private slack channel
  • Provide banners and adverts for all products

Sign up with Thrive Themes here

A Quick Review of Thrive Theme’s Affiliate Program

I highly recommend this affiliate program as ‘Perfect for Affiliate Beginners’ based on the literature and tutorials they provide for their affiliates. 

There is an application to join in the form of a quiz which they review and give you an answer within 72hours.

For those who struggle to write great reviews they inspire your writing and creativity by giving you written examples of content.

There are also affiliate tutorials using iDev so you can learn how to successfully promote the products and generate sales.

Thrive University is a database for free & members-only courses on using their products which you can add your affiliate link to and use on in your own marketing.

A detailed database of detailed product tutorials articles and videos that you can also used to minimize the work and maximize the revenue.

Thrive Themes also provide pre-written comparison reviews which you can use for inspiration to write your own reviews.

The Thrive Theme products that you will be promoting come in memberships that vary from $19per month to $49per month

The product highlights and features are below;-

You can promote individual products or all the products at once using the Thrive Theme Memberships

Thrive Themes claim to have the most awesome affiliate program ever.

But you should check the T&C’s because they have rules, but hey, that’s standard!

Overall this is a fantastic affiliate program to align yourself with should you pass the initial quiz to get in.

Good luck!

Wealthy Affiliate, Affiliate Program

the best free affiliate programs to join

There is one big difference between this affiliate program and others and that is that…

Wealthy Affiliate ARE affiliates and so they understand affiliate marketing.

Being a training and hosting platform for affiliate marketers makes it a no brainer that their business is 100% focused on affiliate marketers.

Whether that be their own affiliates or their members whom they train to be, and in many cases, super affiliates from scratch.

The Commission Structure

  • As a Free Starter Member – not a trial period you can remain free.
  • $11.75 monthly commission per referral
  • $87.50 yearly Recurring memberships
  • As a Premium Member
  • $23.50 monthly commission per referral
  • $175 Yearly recurring

The Best Bits

  • Lifetime cookies. Awesome!
  • Earn an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas with 300 referrals in a calendar year. Awesome!
  • Bootcamp Training that creates affiliate experts
  • Free 7 days Premium membership to fully check it all out
  • Customisable links and landers
  • Jaaxy lite Keyword tool included plus affiliate program (see next affiliate program)
  • Free members – 2 Website fully hosted
  • Premium Members – 50 Websites fully hosted

Sign up with Wealthy Affiliate here

A Quick review of Wealthy Affiliates, Affiliate Program

the best free affiliate programs to join

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2002.

Each year they pay out millions in affiliate commissions. The average commission is $121 per premium referral

The industry on average converts at 1 in 100 but Wealthy Affiliate boast a whopping 6x the average with a 30% of members upgrading to premium membership.

Everyone joins with a Free Starter Membership and has the full benefits of a Premium Membership for the first 7 days which leads to higher conversions.

As an affiliate member, you have access to an intensive 7 course (70 lessons) step by step interactive Bootcamp training that takes a newbie or an expert affiliate marketer right through how to be an expert in your niche market.

You can create a website within the platform to promote Wealthy Affiliate which will be hosted or you can promote on your own website the choice is yours.

This is an all-inclusive hosting platform that offers an abundance of verticals which you can use to excite your referrals.

With a competitive membership price that includes more features than other website hosting platform in the industry plus much more!

You can read my full review on this affiliate program <<here

Jaaxy, Affiliate Program

the best free affiliate programs to joinAs an affiliate for Jaaxy, you will have a wide target audience from bloggers, affiliates, internet marketers, local marketers and merchants all of whom will benefit from the advantages of this SEO tool.

It’s worth grabbing a membership at Wealthy Affiliate because with both membership options you get the Jaaxy lite version of Jaaxy for free.

And yes, you guessed it, this is yet another great affiliate program to join.

The Commission Structure

  • Pro: Commission Monthly $20: Annual $200
  • Enterprise: Commission monthly $40: Annual $400

The Best Bits

  • Get advanced yourself and get Jaaxy Lite Version for free here
  • Jaaxy Search plugin
  • Wide Range Target Audience
  • Lucrative Commission plan

Sign up with Jaaxy here

A Quick Review of Jaaxy’s Affiliate Program

the best free affiliate programs to join

Jaaxy is the worlds most advanced keyword research tool but it doesn’t stop there.

With this tool, you can discover hot, untouched and low competition keywords to drive your SEO and PPC content and campaigns to new levels.

Brainstorm, affiliate programs and alphabet soup within Jaaxy will give you the advantage of finding profitable and also brand new niches.

These functions are also great for digging right into your own niche to find untouched gems.

Site Rank is exclusive to Jaaxy and allows you to monitor and track your own websites rankings and fluctuations within Google, Bing and Yahoo.

But not only that, why not have a peek at your competitors positioning and beat them to the prize.

What else is great about promoting Jaaxy.

As a Jaaxy affiliate, you get an awesome Jaaxy search plugin for your site’s content where you can encourage your readers to give a whirl by entering a keyword.

I have put an example below, go on, try a keyword.

The Jaaxy lite free version really allows your audience to get a real feel for the potential of using Jaaxy

Yes, many may stick with the lite version, but those who do upgrade will have done so because the potential far outweighs the cost.

So you can look forward to long term residual income.

DreamHost, Affiliate Program

the best free affiliate programs to join

DreamHost has been around since 1997 and offers their customer’s word press website and WooCommerce hosting, website building, domains and professional emails, from a varied range of membership to choose from.

They currently have 1.5m members and have won the PcMAgs Editors Choice Award, four years in a row.

Signing up as an affiliate with these guys was instant and you are instantly given an easy to use dashboard to track your conversions.

The Commission Structure

$15 to $150 per referral depending on the membership option

The Best Bits

  • The affiliate program is instantly joined no questions asked.
  • Easy to use Dashboard to track conversions
  • Ready to use Banners
  • Unlimited potential earnings

Sign up with DreamHost Here

DreamHost website shared hosting starts from as little as $2.59 through to DreamPress at $79.95 per month.

There is a range of add-ons or membership option to suit all budgets plus they offer a 30% saving to the customer for annual memberships.

As an affiliate marketer, you have plenty of promoting freedom and are provided with ready-made banners to in bed into your website.

You have the option of creating your own share links or use their custom link taking your readers straight to their landing page.

Thirsty Affiliates, Affiliate Program

the best free affiliate programs to join

Thirsty Affiliate is a popular brand providing a link cloaking plugin that is aimed at affiliate marketers and bloggers using word press.

The Commission Structurethe best free affiliate programs to join

  • 30% Commission on any sale $14.70 to $44.70
  • No minimum payout threshold

The Good Bits

  • They may promote your article for you.
  • Maybe not so good – Only 15 days cookies
  • Instant Affiliate program signup
  • Easy produce to promote to Affiliates and bloggers

Sign up to Thirsty Affiliates Here

Thirsty affiliate is a good brand to align yourself with as in my opinion this cloaking tool is a great affiliate marketing tool to promote with the following retail price and commissions.

  1. Plugin for one site $49: Commission $14.70
  2. Plugin for 5 sites $79: Commission $23.70
  3. Plugin for unlimited sites $149: Commission  $44.70

It is always easy to convert referral sales when a company offers a free version of their product, this allows customers to build trust in the company and the product.

Thirsty Affiliate offers a great free version of the link cloaking plugin which includes many of the great features of the plugin which in itself has some very useful features for bloggers and affiliates such as link shortening

Customers then have the option to upgrade to the Thirsty Affiliate pro version for some pretty cool added features such as automatically linking links through content, automatic affiliate disclosures, high-speed redirects & link health check. To name just a few.



  1. The sangria for your programs I’ve heard of some of these before how are you pointing out some new ones to me. I like how these have around 35% and 10% recurring commission pins. 

    This way you can get the most out of the course to lifetime commissions and also some pages offer as I did not see this included is when you click on any page and say you put your referral at the end of the URL I can take you from any spot in their site to still get your referrals as well. Great!

    • Hi Andrew

      Thanks for reading my article today. 

      I think what you mean is that in my article I have provided links that take the reader directly to the affiliate program page, for ease.

      Have a great day.

  2. These all sound like really good Affiliate programs, some of which I have never come across before, and are certainly worth looking into further. I would never have thought of promoting WordPress themes. I would be really interested to know which theme you are using on your website?

    I would definitely endorse your recommendations for Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy, those are definitely great Affiliate programs to promote.

    Very many thanks for your article.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi Chrissie

      Where an affiliate program is well matched to your websites niche then its definitely worth maximising your revenue by joining. This way you can generate various income streams while doing what you love.

      I use the Hiero Theme which I got free with my wealthy affiliate premium membership. 

      Glad you found some value within my blog, thanks for dropping in a comment.

  3. Super informative post Dianne, I’m pretty sure you’ve covered every aspect here. 

    I got excited reading about how Template Monster have 365 days cookies.. and then I read further into Wealthy Affiliate – you’re so right, that’s an absolute no brainer. 

    Thanks so much for sharing this review. It couldn’t be simpler!

    • Hey Josie,

      Yes Template monster have a pretty cool affiliate program, I was so glad to be able to share.

      If these affiliate programs fit your niche I consider them all to be no brainer’s  😉

      Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  4. Thanks for writing this article on the best free affiliate program to join.

    From the affiliates program in this article I have only joined one which is wealthy affiliate and it has been a great place for me to train as a affiliate marketer.

    But reading this article I see there is very good reason to be part of more than one affiliate program at a time because I see there is a lot of revenue to be generated.

    • Hi Afolabi

      Yes, there is very good reason to be part of more than one affiliate program. 

      Great to hear your great feedback.

      Have a great day!

  5. Hi Dianne,

    You have a great list of legitimate Affiliate programs, even some that I didn’t know of and some that I didn’t know were affiliate programs too. 

    I have joined Wealthy Affiliate and can confirm that they have a great program running there. The Jaxxy Affiliate program makes it a double blessing to those of us Affiliate Marketers looking for the best way to make money whilst still doing something we love,  providing people with the information and products or services that they need, thereby making the the company’s sales increase. 

    Affiliate Marketing is a win-win for everyone that is involved in it, one way or the other. 

    And with some of these best free affiliate programs to join, more people can be on that journey to financial freedom.

    • Hi Vapz

      I love hearing great feed back like this, it’s makes my work worth while. 

      I couldn’t agree with you more about how Wealthy Affiliate opens so many doors of opportunity, the great thing about the platform is that you can build your own lucrative online business by following the expert training plus there are many others ways in which you can make extra income streams within the platform.

      Thanks for stopping by and do come back and let us know how you are getting on.

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