Can I Make Money in Affiliate Marketing – Yes, Anyone Can Do it!

can i make money in affiliate marketing

Can I Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

can i make money in affiliate marketing

So here is the big question……Can I make money in Affiliate Marketing?? Maybe you are a newbie or maybe you are in affiliate marketing and have been slugging away for months or years at your website’s content,  optimizing your keyword SEO ranking thinking is this going to ever work for me?

Read on, my aim here is to help you find the answers to successfully training as an affiliate marketer and how you can go about doing this without it costing you the earth.

The Opportunities on the World Wide Web – They Belong To Us All

Here’s the thing. We are all on an even playing field when it comes to the opportunities that there are online. So I am going to help you to understand what the internet represents for us all and the great opportunities that are out there to monetize the internet.

Nowadays you do not need to understand the technology behind creating a successfully ranked website, in current times an affiliate marketer doesn’t even need to worry about the coding behind the scenes either.

Things here have changed and once you understand this you will come to the conclusion that becoming an affiliate marketer is not as daunting as you may have first thought.

The Earning Potential of the Internet – How Can I Make Money Online

The growth of the internet in recent years has been immense! I am not telling you something you don’t already know here.

Like myself, you most probably use the web to purchase many everyday items or to look up information that you are in need off.

But do you fully understand all the angles in which you could be leveraging a full-time income from the internet? The opportunities online are amazing!

Over 50% of the world’s population is now using the internet in one way or another and if you think about how the world’s population is around 7.6 billion people than 50 % of that is one hell of a lot of potential customers.

So think about it like this, this is a crazy amount of people which is large enough amount of potential visitors to your website, a proportion of those people will be interested in your chosen niche.

What’s more than that is that with the correct training and tools (which I will cover shortly) you will learn how to make your website highly ranked while mastering your keywords skills with good decent website content.

The traffic to your site will be finding you naturally through organic website searches which is free traffic.

Nowadays many companies core marketing strategies are affiliate marketing and this is where you come into it.

Once you have dived in you will begin to realize the potential and understand the scope of opportunities that are out there on the world wide web.

Just like anyone else you must certainly take a slice of that pie peach pie.

How to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer – How to Create a Website Business

You can simplify this whole process by joining a sophisticated hosting platform where you will have all the guru techy stuff hosted for you.

This allows you to concentrate on the fundamentals of your business and focus on providing good informative content for your Niche Market.

For me, Once I decided to venture into affiliate marketer,  I needed to be certain I was joining the most genuine platform the internet had to offer.

After doing my own research and the task of distinguishing between what is and what isn’t an online scam.  What platform was or wasn’t out to just take my money for nothing but hot air in return.

I found my own success when I found Wealthy Affiliate, It was a clear obvious choice with no other platform coming nearly close to offering an all-inclusive package such as this one.

What is Wealthy Affiliate – The Home of Hosting, Tools, and Education

Wealthy Affiliate is a hosting platform with over 1.3 Million members that delivers all the tools you will need to assist you can I Make Money in Affiliate Marketingin learning the skill to stand out in the Industry of the finest Affiliate Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs.

If you are a newbie or been chugging away at it for a while without much success, this is your golden gateway.

This sophisticated hosting offers a world-class up-to-date education plus the necessary tools and support.

What is also not to be overlooked here is the fantastic opportunity to engage and network with some of the finest, most successful entrepreneurs on the internet today.

The Process of Joining & Becoming a Member of Wealthy Affiliate

Sign up and you will be welcomed as a free starter member. You can do this via my Wealthy Affiliate Review Here.

You get the first 7 days to take a real good look around as a premium member with the full benefits.

If you decide to remain as a free member, then that’s exactly what you can do.

Decide at any time to be a premium member and that comes with fantastic benefits including one-to-one coaching from the founders Kyle and Carson plus over 3000 website themes to choose from.

Plus the use of up to 50 hosted websites versus just two as a free member.

It’s possible though, to create a great online business with the use of just two websites, so upgrading is not absolutely necessary for your success!

So, in a nutshell, this is achievable without even paying a monthly membership fee.Can i make money in affilaite marketing

I am a premium member and for me, the membership fee is absolutely worth the $0.98 cents that I pay per day,  which is the cost broken down when you take advantage of the annual membership plan they offer.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review is just a click away

In my full review post, I explain all the details of being a Wealthy Affiliate Member.

No messing around just exactly what is involved and how it can work for you. You will also be pleased to know there is no up sells once your in. It’s free starter membership or premium membership. That’s it!

Why an Affiliate Business is a Good Business Idea – Become a Affiliate Marketer

Starting an online business as an affiliate is a very much a risk-free venture and although you need to be realistic and work hard, you in most parts only need to invest your time and not your life savings.

This ultimately means that gone are the days when we needed a significant amount of startup costs to get a business up and running.

With an Online business, we don’t need to consider the costs that come with being an employer or the rent and insurances that come with a shop or business premises.

Or any of the elements that equate to needing a start-up capital or possibly a bank loan which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars

I also want you to understand at this point that you have as much potential as anyone else who has started from scratch to create a highly sophisticated and highly ranked website which will become an well oiled money making machine.

You just have to have the right hardworking mindset.

If you do then your good to go!

Don’t Knot Where to Start? We all Started Out Feeling The Same.

At this point you may be thinking, yes but what would my website be? what will my niche be?

Well fear not, the training at Wealthy Affiliate covers this and not only does it help you to realize that we all have a niche being something that we know lots about or your niche could be something that you are passionate about in life.

Affiliate marketing is centered around providing solutions for those looking for them. Understanding this is the key to success.

At Wealthy Affiliate there are over 1.3million members many of which are running highly successful online businesses, they are taking advantage of the hosting and learning platform that has a great pay-it-forward community vibe.

I myself, and not very long ago, was a complete newbie and you too can start from scratch and really immerse yourself into this industry.

The training provided is up to date and relevant every step of the way.

One of the best benefits is learning all the tips and tricks from fellow members successes and failings.

It is a great community to be a part of.

It is all there for that taking so jump in and take it!

Feel The Real Potential of Being a Member of Wealthy Affiliate

If you struggle with coming up with your initial niche project then Wealthy Affiliate has a very lucrative affiliate programme of their own which is known as the ‘BootCamp’ training.

There are some seriously inspiring affiliate marketers in the community that are smashing it with their BootCamp websites.

The below members successes show the true potential earnings that truly dedicated and driven Affiliate Marketers are achieving at Wealthy Affiliate.


Little Mama is a true inspiration, her website is just two years old. Read the full BLOG HERE!

Can I make Money in Affilaite Marketing


Also, take a look at another inspiring one…

Eddy is a real inspiration to us all at Wealthy Affiliate,  his August 2018 results are enough to get any of our hearts beating in excitement. Read the full BLOG HERE!

Can I make Money in Affiliate Marketing


I could at this point spend hours showing you 100’s of success stories from within the Platform on BootCamp and Niche websites but hey I won’t. You could grab a free membership of your own and catch up with them yourself.


Wealthy Affiliate News Feed

This below image shows you how to locate your daily stream of members blogs within the platform.

I personally prefer reading and browsing through these each morning rather than the doom and gloom get in the daily newspaper.

There’s a wealth of knowledge to be learned within the community which all becomes part and parcel of the exposure you get.


Can I Make Money in Affiliate Marketing


If I have you interested here why don’t you take a look at my full review of Wealthy Affiliate Where I outline both the free starter membership and the premium membership opportunities, in closer detail.

Those First Few Bucks Commission Earned- Does it Make us Crazy?

It all starts slow and steady & I mean SLOW and STEADY!

  • You get that first sale and it’s worth just $20 but you are excited because it’s money you have earned side hustling!
  • You probably have waited patiently in anticipation for this but hey it’s the proof you needed.
  • YOU are NOT and WON’T be alone.

I remember when I got my first $20, I jumped around the room super excited but my family thought I had finally gone stir Crazy!

There are a few things you need to realistic about in affiliate marketing and you must make sure you have these clear in your mind for ensured success.

  • There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme and although there a thousand even millions of such schemes out there, if you have the right tools then affiliate marketing is a legitimate online business venture where success is anyone’s for the taking.
  • No one gets rich overnight and if you are realistic about putting in the time to build your business then you are certainly building it up over time.
  • Never give up! Anyone who gives up most certainly at that point fails. Don’t throw all your hard work away based on a ‘bad day’ keep at it. When others get to the point of giving up that’s when you need to push yourself harder than ever.

Rome Was Not Built in a Day – And Neither Will Your Affiliate Marketing Business Be!

I called my website Side Hustler Affiliate because starting out in this business can be done alongside what you are doing in life, whether that be working full time or part-time, whether you are a student or even a stay at home parent.

Time invested in the training & community will lead to gaining momentum and ultimately growth and a Passive Income.

It’s not going to happen overnight so stay grounded and be prepared to spend your spare time working at it and you will certainly get there.

Can I Make Money in Affiliate Marketing? Roundup.

If at this point you are unsure of what affiliate marketing is then don’t worry you may read my simple 4 step guide>>here<<.

Now it’s your turn to tell me. Did I answer your question here? Do you see the potential that comes with affiliate marketing and is it for you?

Pop your thoughts in the comment box below, let’s get a conversation going.

If you are already in the affiliate marketing business then please go ahead and share your story with us, good or bad. Let’s all help each other move onward and upwards in the online business world.

I wish you every success in your search for a Side Hustle and hope that I have helped you out here.


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